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Protests in Wonderland and The Wizard of Uz: We Don’t Need No Education

The next two Saturdays I'll be presenting at the Lewis Carroll Society of North America! My colleague, Ben Hedges, will also discuss some items from OSU's Della Thomas Wonderland Collection.

Jan. 28, 3pm EST on Zoom, I'll be talking about Alice and Job as protesters. Both took a stance against self-righteous "educators" of their day. Please grab a tea and crumpet to celebrate Lewis Carroll's birthday (Jan 27) and to celebrate your un-birthday!

Feb 4, 3pm EST on Zoom, I'll present on nonce-formation and how it is employed in the satire of Wonderland and the land of Uz! Please stop in and listen!

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Dustin Burlet
Dustin Burlet
Apr 25

I thoroughly appreciate your emphasis on inter textuality - on the farm we called it inbreeding - in scholasticism we call it echo chambers - vis a vis your cross pollination I am persuaded we are getting not only better scholarship but a more firm understanding of how to be passionate and relevant in our interpretation and application of Holy Writ - fantastic job!

Ryan M Armstrong
Ryan M Armstrong
Apr 27
Replying to

Hahaha "inbreeding!" I might use that in class when the students look like they're zoning out. Thank you, Dustin!

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